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Two new papers on Entrepreneurial Cultures & The Financial Crisis

I got an early Christmas present a few weeks ago when my paper in Entrepreneurship and Regional Development was published. The paper, Bourdieuian approaches to the geography of entrepreneurial cultures,┬áis part of a special issue on entrepreneurial cultures. My paper develops a new framework to understand how entrepreneurial cultures develop within regions, influence entrepreneurs’ practices, […]

New article: The sources of regional variation in Canadian self-employment

I just got the final version of my new paper in the International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business (Vol 15, issue 3, pages 340-361 for those keeping track at home. E-mail me for a copy). This is my first solo paper and the first paper that I controlled from start to finish. It’s not […]

New Article: The Spatial Economy of North American Trade Fairs

I’ve been busy over the last few weeks teaching my first class ever, but I got a pleasant surprise that an article that I had written last year has finally been published in The Canadian Geographer. The Spatial Economy of North American Trade Fairs uses a unique dataset to track the location, size, and types […]