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Thoughts on how I can be a less terrible grad student

Finishing up and starting again

I haven’t posted for quite a long time, but I do have the best excuses in the world. I was busy defending my dissertation and interviewing for jobs! I’m happy to say that I defended successfully and am now a Doctor of Philosophy and even more importantly, I’ve accepted a position as Chancellor’s Fellow at […]

Big Data and Deep Data

I’m officially done with my dissertation — It’s been handed into to ml committee and I couldn’t change anything, even if I wanted to. This puts me in an odd position: for the past 24 months most of my days were spent working on my dissertation, either analyzing my interviews, outlining my ideas, writing or editing. […]


This Waterloo startup, was launched, grew, and was bought up by Google in less time than it took me to research Waterloo’s entrepreneurial environment.

Opinions and Editorials

An Op-Ed that I wrote with my advisor and a fellow grad student was published in today’s Toronto Star. Kind of exciting to submit something, have it accepted, and have it actually appear in print in less than 18 months. Quite a change from the usual academic pace.

Using technology in the qualitative social sciences – I

So I’m a geek. This means that I have an peculiar relationship with technology. Despite much evidence to the contrary, I see technology as a source of all things good and pure in this world. However, I’m also a social scientist who uses primarily qualitative methods: I interview entrepreneurs and investors and through those interviews try to better understand the […]

A little something from the lab

I haven’t posted much – a trip drive from Calgary to Toronto was followed by throwing myself into the dissertation work. I’ll try to do more short posts instead of fewer longer ones. Here’s a little thing that I dug up for a class I’m prepping for next semester called “New Economic Spaces.” This is […]

Finally there

Well, it took 1 year, 2 months and 23 days, but I finally finished my PhD fieldwork. Here are some stats. 109 interviews, that’s 80 entrepreneurs, 13 economic development officials, 4 angel investors, 7 bankers and 7 venture capitalists. Average length of interview: 40 minutes and 23 seconds. Total tape collected: 69 hours and 40 […]