Monthly Archives: November 2011

Well, that was quick.

  I’m mostly posting this here so I can find it again in the future. This is like classroom discussion gold. Maybelline is already Occupy Wall Street themed ads. What ever you might think about capitalism, it will adapt to anything.

A quick thought

I don’t want to do many of these short questions designed only to provoke, but I’m reading the Steve Jobs biography and it’s hard not to feel somewhat philosophical. Here it is. There is only one question that matters when studying the geography of entrepreneurship: If John and Clara jobs had not moved back from Wisconsin […]

Opinions and Editorials

An Op-Ed that I wrote with my advisor and a fellow grad student was published in today’s Toronto Star. Kind of exciting to submit something, have it accepted, and have it actually appear in print in less than 18 months. Quite a change from the usual academic pace.

Using technology in the qualitative social sciences – I

So I’m a geek. This means that I have an peculiar relationship with technology. Despite much evidence to the contrary, I see technology as a source of all things good and pure in this world. However, I’m also a social scientist who uses primarily qualitative methods: I interview entrepreneurs and investors and through those interviews try to better understand the […]

A little something from the lab

I haven’t posted much – a trip drive from Calgary to Toronto was followed by throwing myself into the dissertation work. I’ll try to do more short posts instead of fewer longer ones. Here’s a little thing that I dug up for a class I’m prepping for next semester called “New Economic Spaces.” This is […]